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United States (February 22, 2021) – The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Adult Industry Collective (BIPOC-AIC) closes Black History Month with its inaugural monthly virtual film festival, “Black, Brown, and Blue,” celebrating Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


Submissions include a range of erotic poetry, striptease, masturbation, nudity, hardcore sex, kink, fetish, POV, or whatever creators find sexy, erotic, and fulfilling. “Black, Brown, & Blue” promises the diaspora a safe, inclusive space to showcase representations of sex, love, relationships, and play among BIPOC & QTPOC without limiting creators to harmful, racial, sexual stereotypes.


The festival culminates with a classic feature presentation and live Q & A with Adult Industry icon Jeannie Pepper, moderated by Dr. Mireille Miller-Young (UCSB/ Harvard). Jeannie Pepper career in adult films spanned between 1982 through 2011. By inviting Jeannie to sit with younger generations of performers and older fans to share her experiences, BIPOC-AIC hopes to inspire the continued work of creating sustainable change within the industry.

“Honoring elders is a customary practice in BIPOC cultures. In recent years, there has been a movement in our community to give people their flowers while they are here rather than waiting until they become a hashtag. According to Jeannie, during her career she only received one award from the East Coast Video Show. Without pioneers like Jeannie Pepper, none of us would be here. It is BIPOC-AIC’s distinct privilege to show her the love she deserves for paving the way for the rest of us,” says Sinnamon Love.


BIPOC-AIC encourages all self-identifying people of color across the diaspora to submit content for future monthly showcases, regardless of the filmmaker’s native language, culture, gender identity, sexuality, age, body type, ability, or neurodiversity. The festival is featuring creators in North America as well as those around the world. The goal is to create the most diverse and inclusive amount of erotic storytelling possible in a safe, secure, and welcoming independent digital space. “Black, Brown, and Blue” concludes on Monday night with a classic feature presentation and live Q & A with Industry icon, Jeannie Pepper. Immediately after the screening, we will announce the festival winners. First & second place in each category will receive cash prizes. BIPOC-AIC committee members may submit content for the member showcase but are ineligible for awards and cash prizes.

The “Black, Brown, & Blue” Festival program follows:


Creator Showcase

Screening time: 3:00 PM EST

(Eligible for voting and cash prizes)


Mes Cheris (Berlin)

Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell


Foxy Fatale (NYC)

Lana Luxor.

BSM still 1_beyondeep.png

Black Sex Magic (South America)

Beyond Deep.

Prior Restraint Still 2 (1).png

Prior Restraint (Oakland, CA)

Ckiara Rose

Lina Bembe - Bembe_Ritual Waves_3.jpg

Ritual Waves (Berlin)

Lina Bembe.

Xaya Lovelle - twitter photo_400x400.png

Solo Bath Time Bliss (Florida)

Xaya Lovelle

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 8.38.52 PM.png
Sir Nik - twitter photo_400x400.jpg

Lip Service (Los Angeles)


DIY Dom (Brooklyn)

Sir Nik

Member Showcase

Screening time: 5:10 PM EST

(Not Eligible for voting and cash prizes)

•    Amazon Maddox - (New York, NY)
•    Royal Fetish Films - (Florida)
•    Pink & White Productions - (San Francisco)
Special Screening
featuring Jeannie Pepper

Screening time: 6:10 PM EST

(Not Eligible for voting and cash prizes)

After the Movie:
A Conversation with Jeannie Pepper
& Dr. Mireille Miller-Young

Screening time: 7:33 PM EST

A Conversation with Jeannie Pepper & Dr. Mireille Miller-Young about the iconic performer’s 30-year career in the adult film industry.

BIPOC-AIC will announce the festival winners on March 1. First place receives and second place winners will receive cash prizes. BIPOC-AIC is self-funding the Inaugural “Black, Brown, & Blue” Film Festival through donations to its mutual aid fund as a proof of concept towards partnerships with paid sponsors in the future. The on-going monthly event furthers BIPOC-AIC’s mission to amplify marginalized creators who are often ignored by the mainstream industry and put money directly into the pockets of BIPOC sex workers.

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